Common Situations That Can Land You in Civil Court

Within the justice system, there is the possibility to end up in either criminal or civil court. Appearing in civil court is often the result of some sort of lawsuit or dispute between two parties. There are many instances that can land you in civil court.


Property Damage

According to Maryland Courts, you can end up in civil court for property damage. There are two main types of property damage. The first is damage to land, a home, or any other kind of building you own. The second is damage to personal property like a vehicle. In many cases, a property damage claim is a smaller part of another case. Of course, it is also possible to file a property damage claim on its own. In order to file a property damage claim, you need to follow the statute of limitations for your specific state. If you don’t meet the deadline for these statutes, then your claim may not be valid.


Traffic Accidents

After a car accident or any other kind of traffic accident, you will typically file an insurance claim to resolve the conflict. However, there are instances where there is no resolution. This could be because of the other party or the insurance company. According to Rogers Beltran, insurance companies are unlikely to offer you an adequate sum in the beginning. You will likely need to negotiate further in order to receive fair compensation. Going to civil court to resolve these disputes is one way to handle things. Having an attorney on your side, a personal injury attorney for example, can help you make a strong case so you can receive compensation.


Breach of Contract

Another common type of case that will land you in civil court is a breach of contract. According to LegalMatch, if one party does not follow the agreements set forth in a contract, a lawsuit can be filed, and their dispute can be settled in court. A contract can be breached partially or entirely. There are also provisions if one party is physically unable to complete their contract due to injury. In a breach of contract case, the judge will typically review several requirements. These include whether the contract was still valid or modified.


Going to civil court is very serious and it can take a long time to reach a resolution. There are many ways you can end up in civil court depending on whether you or another person filed a lawsuit.  It’s important to fully understand your situations and what steps you can take to move forward.


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