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Dental Issues You Don’t Want to Leave Alone

Tooth pain is impossible to ignore—throbbing pain, sharp sensations, swelling of the gums and cheeks can be excruciating. Yet we still tend to procrastinate getting it treated for as long as possible. Dreading dental work is not uncommon. However, it is extremely important to get those issues taken care of, as they may lead to excruciating (and unnecessary) pain. Here are a few issues you’ll want to have taken care of sooner rather than later.

Tooth Decay

Teeth are very strong bones meant to endure consistent friction and pressure. However, when bacteria stay on those teeth for extended periods, it begins to deteriorate the enamel of the tooth and makes them prone to holes or cracks. This is when they begin to feel sensitive to pressure, and eventually, that sensitivity develops into throbbing pain. According to the NHS, tooth decay needs to be addressed quickly. If left alone, those holes and cracks filled with bacteria can become infected, break entirely, and damage the nerves within your teeth and gums. Exposed nerves are extremely painful and can even kill your teeth.

Wisdom Teeth

According to Stellar Family Orthodontics, wisdom teeth are always the last set of teeth to grow. Ideally, they are removed before they have a chance to “grow” out of the gums at all. If they are not, and there is not a lot of room for them to come in, they may become “impacted” which may damage the teeth around them. Infection from decay can damage the teeth themselves, the gums, and the nerves of the teeth. This is why wisdom teeth are such a common removal.

Sensitive or Swollen Gums

Soft, red gums that bleed easily and are sensitive to the touch are the first sign of periodontal disease. Not only is this painful and bloody, but it also allows bacteria to get to deeper parts of the teeth. According to Premier Periodontics, periodontal disease results in deep infection of the gums and bones and is irreversible. It may require bone and gum removal if the bacteria is spread enough to have killed parts of the tissue or bone. Thankfully, this primary stage of periodontal disease (called gingivitis,) is reversible through diligent dental care.

Innovations in dental care and procedures have developed rapidly and have proven very successful in their effectiveness. Don’t be afraid to get the care you need when your teeth are in pain! It will save you further problems and intense, costly surgeries in the future.

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