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How Nutrition Impacts Your Mental Health

It’s not uncommon for the stress and frustration of the past two years to wear upon your mental health. Depression has been very common in the US for years, and these past few years certainly haven’t been normal! There are a lot of remedies on the market, both natural and pharmaceutical, and only your doctor can know what will work best for you. Your nutrition, however, can greatly influence your mental health. Here are some good mental health benefits of eating healthier!

Fewer Mood Changes

Your body needs certain things in order to regulate itself, and healthy foods are among those things. Just one type of building block for your body, for example, cannot do all of the work for your brain or your body effectively. You need proteins, greens, grains, and healthy fats, salts and sugars in order to help your brain to work at it’s best function. It’s okay to still need medical care also! But good nutrition is a great foundation for that care.

Stave Off Depression

Vitamin D can help fight depression and is better absorbed when you spend time in the sun. But this can be complex if you live in an area where it is more overcast and darker in the wintertime. You have several supplemental options for getting sufficient Vitamin D, however. Your doctor can prescribe tablets, or you can buy over the counter at the pharmacy. You need to know how much, however, that you need. Likewise, using a good sun lamp can be helpful.

More Energized

Your body can do many things, but sometimes needs help protecting its immune system. Eating intentionally to improve your gut health can be immensely beneficial to your mental health as well. Not only does your gut bacteria help your body stay physically healthy, it can help you to feel more energy after eating instead of less. As depression often manifests as a lack of energy, improving your nutrition in this regard helps to energize you and combat such symptoms.

Your body needs many nutrients to work daily, and although things like sugars temporarily change brain chemicals towards feeling happy, you need more than temporary dopamine. Eating as healthy as possible, and using probiotics is a great start. However, if your depression continues, do not be afraid to talk to your doctor! Your mental wellbeing is worth all the effort.

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