How to Choose a Paint Color for Your Home Redesign

Seven colorful paint with a brush

Have you realized that your home is desperately in need of an update and redesign? You can easily update the style and appearance of your home by adding a fresh coat of paint to a few (or all) of the rooms. 

Here are a few ways to choose the right paint color for your home design.

Choose Something Appropriate for the Room

First, make sure that you consider what paint colors would be appropriate for the room you’re thinking of painting first. There are certain rooms in the home that work best with certain colors. For example, a kitchen or bathroom often works best with light, neutral colors since they reflect light well. Having a light, neutral color in your kitchen or bathroom can help to make the spaces feel bright, clean, and airy, which is usually a desired trait in bathrooms and kitchens. 

Children’s rooms can often feature brighter, fun colors with unique textures and shades. Since a child’s room is a private space meant to be comfortable and creative, you can branch out from neutral colors if you choose to do so. Living rooms have been neutral-colored almost exclusively for many years, but recently, bold pops of dramatic colors have become more popular. These colors can really personalize your living room space.

Think of the Feelings You Want to Evoke

Next, make sure that you’re thinking of the feelings you want to evoke when you’re painting a room in your house. Colors have been scientifically proven to affect emotions, so your paint colors can evoke certain emotions as you spend time in the space. Certain spaces, such as entertainment rooms, can incorporate more unique colors to evoke certain emotions and feelings. 

This is particularly important in a room where you’ll often be hosting guests, friends, and family. For example, you can use warm colors such as reds or yellows to evoke a happy, energetic feeling. Using soft colors like blues and greens can make your home feel more welcoming. Black can make a room feel more relaxing, as long as it is used sparingly and isn’t so all-encompassing.

Don’t Choose Overly Trendy Colors

Finally, as you’re considering different paint color options for your home updates, make sure that you don’t choose paint colors that are overly trendy. You might see a certain paint shade online or on social media that you think is really attractive. However, if the paint color is overly bold, trendy, or unique, it could go out of style a lot faster than you think. You might end up wanting to paint your house again in another year or two if you choose a color that is really trendy. Make sure that you choose colors that are timeless and stylish. Most importantly, choose colors that work with your home decor and that you love. 

So, if you’re working on updating the paint colors in your home, remember the tips in this article. You should choose something appropriate for the room, think of the feelings you want to evoke, and avoid choosing overly trendy shades. This can help you to end up with paint colors that you’ll love to see in your home.

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