Services Banks Should Offer to Stay Competitive

Technology and the internet have ushered in an era of disruption, and no business sector has been spared. The banking industry was among the most traditional until the demographics of the current young generation started to change the way people dealt with their money. Now financial institutions are finding out that they have to offer a menu of services in order to stay competitive. Here are three services to consider.

Excellent Customer Service

Whether you are in the banking industry or another, providing excellent customer service should always be a priority. Your employees who specialize in customer service at physical banking locations or at your call centers have a tough job. All sorts of things can happen to the accounts of your clients. From identity theft to overdrawing the account, your staff has to be trained to handle each scenario with ease and a smile. Those who require help are not always right, but it does not mean that they can be treated any other way in most situations. According to The MSR Group, to stay competitive, your financial institution must provide excellent customer service because it means you are also problem-solving.

Financial Health Advice

According to MX Technologies, as customers become increasingly aware of and concerned with financial options, it is increasingly in the best interests of financial institutions to provide services that have a positive impact on their customers’ financial health. Customized solutions demonstrate that you are not treating all of your customers in the same manner. While is makes fiscal sense for your organization, your clients do not fit into a one-size-fits-all mold. If you offer your customers the best financial options for their circumstances, you are helping them achieve their money goals. It puts them in a situation to be able to purchase a home, then a car and even set up their own business. When they require a financial partner for these ventures, they will turn to you because they trust you.

Mobile Options

A great way to gain a competitive advantage in the banking industry is to offer mobile solutions. Technology in the past decade has evolved in such a way that many people are conducting most of their business and personal affairs on mobile apps these days. In fact, according to Applause, 61 percent of people access mobile banking on a regular basis. As technology evolves, so should your financial institution’s strategy if you want to keep up with the competition. An app that operates optimally around the clock puts control in the hands of your customers. They like that control and ability to complete basic tasks independently.


All sectors that have been disrupted by technology have to figure out how to stay competitive. To stay competitive in the banking industry, maintain an excellent level of customer service, provide customized financial advice and mobile solutions.

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