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Suffered an Injury at Work? Here Are Your Options

Workplace injuries can be more common than you think. Even jobs that do not require physical labor can cause potential danger. Overexertion, equipment malfunction and slips or falls are just a few causes of workplace injuries. Neglect is another key factor when determining a workplace injury. From the upkeep of current machinery to the critical attention for patients in need, there are a variety of ways that an injury can occur while at work. Depending on the type of injury and work-related factors surrounding it, you may be compensated for a number of things.

Workers Comp

So, what exactly is workers’ comp? In short, workers’ compensation protects employees from expensive medical costs, helps with wage replacement, and provides assistance with vocational rehabilitation. Workers’ comp can provide help in the form of temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits and medical care. Depending on the injury, an employee can suffer not only the physical impact of the injury, but thousands of dollars worth of health care costs. Because of workers’ compensation insurance, this can be prevented. If you have been injured on the job, workers’ compensation can help with the financial burden associated with injury.

Personal Injury Claim

A personal injury claim is the process in which an injured employee must go through to receive monetary compensation. Claims are not restricted to one specific type of injury and you can be compensated for a number of things related to your injury. A few examples of personal injury causes on the job could include bicycle accidents, nursing home neglect, animal attacks, medical malpractice and equipment failures. For someone who has suffered through a workplace injury, workers’ compensation can provide assistance with medical bills and help with lost wages that were not earned as a result of the injury.

The Importance of Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation protects both the employer and the employee. Business owners are ultimately responsible for any injuries. Without proper coverage, employers could be forced to pay out of pocket for medical costs, as well as fines.  Workers’ compensation is important to employees because it keeps them healthy and financially secure. After filing a personal injury claim, the benefits can begin once the claim has been verified and approved. Benefits are often paid from a private insurance company or a state-run fund. Employers and employees can work together to provide a safe workplace environment. 

Filing a personal injury claim can help ensure any lost wages you may have or will accumulate due to the injury as well as financial assistance for medical related costs. In addition to these benefits, you may be compensated for a number of things related to your injury.

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