The Interesting History Of Pets And Psychics

Who hasn’t looked their dog in the eye and said, “I wish I knew what you were thinking?” For many, our inability to fully communicate with the pets that share our lives is a point of frustration. After all, wouldn’t it be so much easier to cohabitate with our furry friends if they could tell us what they were thinking and feeling (especially rescue dogs or those who we know have come from difficult homes)? For some extraordinary people, that desire is their daily reality. These people often referred to as pet psychics, may be the link needed to truly understand our pets.

What is a Pet Psychic?

A pet psychic is a person who, claiming to have special, paranormal abilities, can communicate with animals in a way that ordinary people can’t. Theses animal intuitives or animal communicators rely on a mixture of clairvoyance and telepathy to connect and “talk” with animals. Using their minds, pet psychics generally harness their gifts to talk to pets or companion animals, although some may also be able to talk to wild animals.

Who Uses Pet Psychics?

Generally, people turn to pet psychics when they want to talk directly to their pet to better understand them or their behavior. Some people even turn to animal intuitives as a form of fun or entertainment. For them, the novelty of being able to talk to their pets in a way that they haven’t before is thrilling and worth the fees often charged by pet psychics to do readings. However, most people seek out pet psychics because a problem has occurred that needs an extraordinary or paranormal solution.Some people turn to pet psychics when their dog has suddenly developed aggressive behavior, like biting. Some people may call a psychic if their animal is lost, and have him contact their pet to encourage it to return home. Some people ask that a psychic communicate with a sick or injured pet to see if they can better understand the animal’s ailment and decide the best course of treatment.

In some cases, the pet is so ill or badly injured that the psychic is asked to talk to the animal about its pain and the possibility of euthanasia. In some cases, psychics can even help with pet problems or troubling behaviors. The use of an animal communicator may be an attempt to understand problem behavior and find the solution that will make both the animal and the owner happy. Finally, some people rely on psychics to contact the spirit of a pet that has died. For these owners, simply hearing from their deceased pet can bring great comfort.

How Pet Psychics Work

As with more traditional, human-centered psychics, pet psychics utilize various forms of extrasensory perception, or ESP, to communicate with animals. This ESP is often described as a form of energy, an electromagnetic force that surrounds and moves through everything in the universe. This energy is considered to be part of the radio spectrum, the same spectrum that includes antenna television and radio signals as well as x-rays and visible light. However, scientists currently have no way to detect this form of energy, and so many are skeptical of its existence. Regardless of scientists’ ability to measure it, psychics rely on this energy to contact animals. Because it connects every living thing to every other living thing, pet psychics can use this invisible energy to contact animals no matter the distance, and may even be able to speak with an animal that is no longer living.

How a Reading is Performed

To contact or read a pet, most psychics follow a similar process that allows them to best communicate with and understand their subjects.

First, the psychic tries to relax and calm her mind. The tranquility of mind allows the psychic to better hear the animals speaking and also puts the animal more at ease during their encounter.

Using her mind, the psychic attempts to make contact with the animal’s energy. To do this, she often visualizes the animal itself and telepathically speaks its name to get its attention.

Once she has the animal’s full attention, the psychic then attempts to ask the animal a question. Sometimes this question is asked verbally, but generally, psychics transmit pictures from their mind to the mind of the animal.

Once the pictures have been transmitted, the psychic then indicates a desire for a response, typically by imagining the animal responding and waits for its reply. While responses can vary, many intuitives describe these responses as a mixture of pictures and words.

The psychic then accepts the response and acknowledges that she has received it, letting the animal know it has been heard.

Finally, the psychic passes the answer she received on to the animal’s owner. If follow up questions are needed, the psychic then repeats this process until the owner is satisfied or the animal no longer wishes to talk.

Ideally, these conversations will help pets and owners better understand each other and their needs. If the purpose of the psychic reading is to correct inappropriate behavior, the psychic may both ask the pet what the root cause of the behavior is or, if that approach isn’t successful, visualize the solution to the problem in an attempt to make the pet aware of the desired behavior. Additionally, some psychics may be able to scan the body of an animal to detect illness or diagnose health conditions. If a problem is found, the psychic may even be able to transmit healing energy to the pet to assist in its recovery.

The Question of Animal Consciousness

To many, the belief in pet consciousness is beyond questioning. People connect deeply with their animals and believe them to have the same intense connection with their owners. Pet psychics agree, claiming that animals are intelligent, emotionally complex beings who experience a wide range of thoughts and feelings. Moreover, psychics insist that animals can remember things from the past, vocalize their emotional state, and reflect on those feelings. Animals, psychics tell us, are conscious, self-aware beings who experience the world much like their human counterparts. However, this remains a point of contention with many scientists who, skeptical of pet psychics and the services they perform, insist that while most animals can feel a variety of emotions, they don’t have the capacity for self-reflection. Essentially, scientists believe that an older dog may, in fact, be jealous of a new puppy, but would be unable to analyze or correct that behavior on its own. Pet psychics disagree, insisting that we give animals far less credit than they deserve.

Ultimately, pet psychics provide a service that some feel is invaluable. The ability to speak with and understand a beloved pet is a dream for many, and, with the help of animal intuitives, some may be able to make that dream a reality.

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