What to Do If You Think Someone Is Trying to Defraud You

With identity theft at an all-time high, protecting yourself from fraud is a must. Unfortunately, even with all of the high-tech firewalls and vigilance, it’s still possible to fall victim to fraud. It can happen anywhere, even while paying at the grocery store.

Know the Signs

Finding out someone has stolen your personal information is scary. Not only can they assume your identity, but they may also know where you live and work. To avoid becoming another statistic, there are signs to watch out for in order to protect yourself.

One of the first signs of fraud is atypical activity. For example, in cases of credit card fraud, you might notice purchases for products or services you don’t recognize or never use. If someone gains access to your bank account, you might notice small amounts of money disappearing. Usually, people who hack into accounts try to fly under the radar at first and steal in small amounts to avoid being caught.

Don’t Panic

If you are a victim of fraud, you need to stay calm. The truth of the matter is, people can fall victim to fraud in a variety of scenarios. Fraud is even common in injury claims. People may feign injury, stating you somehow caused their injury in an attempt to sue you. On the other hand, someone responsible for an injury may try to cover up their negligence with forged documents.

Regardless of the scenario, you need to keep a cool head and collect evidence. Make sure you keep accurate records of the situations or transactions. Also, contact a qualified legal professional who specializes in fraud who can help you expose the truth.

Safeguard Your Money and Reputation

Prevention is always the best way to avoid becoming a victim. Depending on the situation, there are things you can do to protect yourself. Always keep your personal and financial information stored in a safe place. Never store it on your phone. If you shop online, make sure the website is encrypted for security purposes.

In cases of personal injury claims, all parties involved should take photographs, speak to witnesses and maintain the best possible records of the incident. This can help all parties to protect themselves in case anyone is attempting to pull off a fraudulent claim or defense.

When it comes to protecting yourself, you need to be proactive. In the unfortunate event you are the victim of a scam, act fast and enlist the help of a qualified legal professional.

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