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What to Drink Instead When You Give Up Soda

Giving up soda can be tricky. It has a good taste, and the carbonation can be satisfying, but it also has many negative effects on your health. When you give up soda it can be helpful to replace it with other drinks. Options of what to drink are tea, water, and sparkling water.


Soda is not a great drink option because of how much added sugar it has. If it doesn’t have sugar, it has artificial sweeteners which are also detrimental to your health. So, when thinking about switching to tea instead, you need to make sure that you don’t end up drinking just as much sugar in the tea. Making your own tea at home is a good option because you have control over how much sugar you put in. Having tea can help to hydrate you and provide many health benefits. There are many types of teas which can provide you with different nutrients. Black and green teas contain antioxidants, flavonoids, and catechins which can help reduce disease risk.


Water is important for optimal function of your body. Drinking water will help flush toxins from the body. Water helps to keep your system clean, your joints lubricated, and your cells functioning optimally. Water is also important in absorbing certain vitamins and minerals which will be important for your bones and muscles. All the benefits of water come from being hydrated. Hydration prevents bad breath by washing away harmful bacteria and helping you produce saliva. This will help protect your teeth, while soda has a negative effect on teeth and wears down the enamel.

Sparkling Water

When you give up soda yet still miss the carbonation of the drink, you can reach for sparkling water instead. When you are looking for sparkling water, look for one that doesn’t have added sugars or artificial sweeteners. You should also be aware of the sodium in your sparkling water so you can be mindful of how much you drink. Sparkling water is a great substitute because it provides hydration, while soda does not. You can even get fruit infused sparkling water for added flavor.

Giving up soda can be challenging, but even more so when you don’t replace it with something. Replacing soda with a more hydrating drink will help your body feel better. Over time, your taste will change to find a preference for these other drinks.

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