4 Completely Irrational Fears All New Adults Have

The world a person finds himself existing in once the regimental schedule of high school is over and done with can be a daunting new place to be. Once the first few weeks of freedom roll by, it soon dawns upon the newly-minted adult just how little they know about the world as a whole. Because this lack of worldly knowledge and life experience can lead to confusion and fear of this new world, it can inspire a variety of unfounded fears and anxieties. This article intends to shed some light and truth on a few of these fears.

Fear of the IRS

Every year, the IRS demands that every civilian contribute toward the country according to that civilian’s earnings, charitable donations and so on. That being said, the IRS is not big brother; if you mess up your taxes, the IRS isn’t going to come into your room in the middle of the night and arrest you and not just because their funding is continually chipped away. While it is true that you are considered guilty until presumed innocent when the IRS contacts you after April 15, they will work with you to correct the indiscretion.

Fear of Appliances

Living on your own can be daunting in a variety of ways, especially when it comes to things like doing your own laundry. For the most part, it is tough for you to screw up washing and drying your clothes. Just remember to follow the directions on your tags and remember to consider keeping your brights, especially bright clothing that’s never been washed before, separate from your white clothes.

Fear of Being Drafted Into the Army

It can seem scary for a young man to know he might be called to serve in any of the countless conflicts that the United States involves itself in. While the Selective Service System remains in place as a backup plan, the country’s military has been entirely volunteer-based since 1973.

Fear That Life Peaked in High School

The truth is that the years comprising kindergarten through 12th grade is a comparatively narrow portion of the life a person will likely live. Anyone who worries that this fear is true should already feel motivated to prove it wrong. When you realize that the average American life expectancy is roughly 79 years of age, it becomes easy to comprehend there is plenty of time to do something meaningful with your time on Earth.

There’s a lot to be afraid of in the world, but we don’t think these four things hold a candle to many, many terrible things out and about. That being said, if you have to be afraid of something commonplace, being a first-time home buyer can be sort of scary sometimes (which is why we have some tips on it!).