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Fruits You Should Be Packing in Your Kids’ Lunches

Most people know that it is important to encourage your kids to eat a balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables. However, not everyone knows that there are specific fruits that you should be feeding your kids because of their health benefits. Here are a few fruits that you should be packing in your kids’ lunches and why.


First off, it is very important to be feeding your kids bananas. Even when your kids are babies, it is important to feed them bananas since bananas have lots of vitamins and nutrients. They contain fiber, folate, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and various vitamins that can help your baby’s growth. Even when your kids are older it is important for you to pack them bananas to eat. Bananas are not only easy to digest, but they are also good for the heart, can regulate blood pressure, prevent anemia, help growing bones, and can even improve eyesight. Plus, there are some amazing ways to eat and cook bananas. What’s not to love?


Next, you should regularly be packing apples in your kids’ lunches. Apples have many health benefits for children. They are full of carbs and are a good energy source for your kids as they are off at school. They also have lots of vitamins and can reduce bad cholesterol. They can balance sugar levels in the body, help prevent inflammation, and can promote good digestion. Apples can naturally remove plaque from teeth and help prevent cavities. They can even fight against asthma. If you are trying to promote healthy living and habits for your children, apples are a great option. 


Another great fruit to pack in your kids’ lunches is any kind of berry. From strawberries to cherries to blackberries to raspberries, there are many health benefits that come from eating berries. Berries are packed with antioxidants, which help promote the health of your child and can protect them against illness. Those antioxidants can even help reduce the risk of getting cancer. Recent studies have also shown that berries can reduce the negative effects of stress on the brain and body. Eating berries can improve your kids’ memories and brain function. The great thing is that berries are easy to eat in many ways. Fix your kids up a delicious yogurt snack or smoothie and they’ll get the boost that they need.


As you are trying to improve your kids’ health, remember that packing fruit in their lunches can go a long way. There are countless benefits that come from eating different types of fruits, benefits that your children need to stay healthy and strong. Packing your kids’ lunches with these kinds of fruits is a great way to help protect their health.


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