4 Destinations You Can’t Afford to Miss in Southern California

While there are many states in the country that offer beautiful destinations, there are only a few that can also offer adventures that vary significantly from one another. Southern California plays host to entertainment that can fit anyone’s preferences. From the outdoorsmen to those who love the nightlife, there is plenty to do in Southern California. Here are four top destinations that you should include on a visit.

Santa Margarita

The town of Santa Margarita offers plenty of adventures for both those who love to play outside and those who prefer to remain indoors. For those who need to be out in the sun, you might want to try your hand at zip lining with Margarita Adventures. This adventure includes a trip by kayak and then a thrilling ride down a zip line to see the beauty of the area in a way that only a zip line can provide. For those who prefer a quieter adventure, the area also boasts some wineries, restaurants, and antique shops to peruse.

Los Angeles

No trip to Southern California is complete without visiting LA. This city is huge and can be quite busy, so it might be a good idea book alternative transportation so that you don’t have to navigate the roads. Take the guided tours to visit some celebrity homes or see if you can catch one of the major sports games happening around the city.

San Diego

Another area you absolutely have to include on your trip is San Diego. Besides the massive Comic Con that takes place every year, the city also has some of the best beaches in the area. You can enjoy the local food in the city or just relax on the beach under the warm sun.

Disneyland (Duh!)

If you’ve never been to Disney, then you need to visit the original park located in Southern California. There are always upgrades going on with new rides and experiences to enjoy, so even those who have been to the park before can likely find something new to experience. If you are active or retired military, you can get discounted tickets, which can be great if you have a large family. Disney is a place for both adults and children.

Southern California is a place just rife with adventures waiting for you to discover them with your friends or family. With something to offer everyone, you are sure to have a great time on your visit.

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