4 Must-See Destinations Every Off-Roading Enthusiast Needs to Visit

Your life as an outdoor fanatic does not need to be one that is predictable. There are numerous spots in the United States that will put the excitement back into your life as a four-wheeling road hog. Check out these four off-road places that absolutely belong on your bucket list. Just be sure to get your car ready before you go, making sure that it has had vehicle inspection, oil and fluid services, and wheels maintenance all done are ready.

1. Death Valley National Park, California

You have more than three million acres to enjoy when you visit Death Valley National Park in California. Of course, you cannot tread all of this territory at once. In fact, much of the millions of acres in Death Valley are closed to the public. There is still much to do in this park, however. You can travel 1,000 miles one way when you go the way of Death Valley. Those looking for four-wheel adventures may find this spot especially keen as its landscape is perfect for all of the tricks that you love.

2. Moab, Utah

The state, however, has plenty of natural landmarks that adventurers from all facets of life can enjoy. Moab is one of those fascinating spots with several outdoor fanatics vying for space in this area. There is so much hype over Moab that some regions are cornered off so that you cannot enjoy four-wheeling wherever you like. Still, you have plenty of space to engage in the sport that you love when you visit Moab.

You can also rent a 4×4 Jeep nearby so that you are not left out in the cold when visiting the area with family friends sans your beloved car. This option gives you options in the dilemma of deciding if you should you bring your vehicle with you or rent one locally.

3. Grand Junction, Colorado

Perhaps Moab is not your style of off-roading. You may want to consider Grand Junction, which is right next door. This terrain is the ideal choice when you want to get down and dirty in the mud. Those who are truly adventurous may want to test the waters in Bangs Canyon. This a difficult, yet conquerable, range that can give you a run for your money in the best way.

4. Silver Lake Dunes, Michigan

Sometimes mud is too much to handle. Silver Lake Dunes has everything you need to thrive on the sand. This space offers upwards of 500 acres of open space that is there for the taking. You should know that doing tricks in the sand is more complicated than on other terrains. You can run into severe problems if you are not both careful and skilled.

Your thirst for adventure does not need to be met by the same boring trails. You can travel the country in search of something different and find everything you desire. Make sure to check out other great travel articles here.


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