Guy Gets Pranked With A Fake ‘Cactus’ That’s Actually A Pickle His Colleagues Replace Every 2 Days

Via Boredpanda

Every workplace needs a prankster, someone to keep the mood light and give everyone a laugh from time to time, usually at one unfortunate colleague (or even better, boss’s) expense. This is the story of Dave and his pickle, and it took place in an office like any other, located in Quebec City, Canada.

Bored Panda spoke to Patrick, who originally shared the story on Reddit and whose wife was in on the prank. He says that his wife keeps him regularly updated with the funny things that happen in her office, and this one was particularly memorable.

“This was an idea from a girl from the office,” he told us. “She just decided to give the cactus to Dave as a gift because, well, just because. He really liked it and was very happy to get it as a present. He put it right next to his window close to his desk and was really in love with it!”

After some time, people got wise to the prank and decided to play along. “So the story came to other people’s ears and they became accomplices,” Patrick explained. “Every couple of days, they went to his office to ‘water’ the cactus but in reality, they were replacing it for a brand new pickle.”

“After one warm weekend, they got to work and the pickle was all dried out. Dave was pretty bummed! So a girl came ‘to water’ the cactus and he exclaimed: ‘See, I told you this Cactus needed water, it’s perfect now!”

People loved the prank, some shared their own office jokes



Some had speculated that Dave knew it was a pickle all along, but they were wrong

“The plan going forward was to make the cactus grow by replacing the pickle with a larger cucumber and so on and so on. The bad thing is this… The girl who started this was so sure that HE was pranking the whole office (a kind of ‘reverse’ prank), making them believe he thought it was a real cactus.”

“But in fact, thinking that the game was up, she couldn’t help but open her mouth and tell him the story… So sadly, the prank is now over. But in reality, HE HAD NO CLUE!”

So that was the story of Dave and his precious pickle; a sad ending for both him and the office really. Would you try this prank on a co-worker? Do you think you could find one gormless enough to fall for it? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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