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How Avoiding Medical Treatment Can Have Negative Effects on Your Health

Patient visiting doctor for medical check-up in hospital

No one likes to go to the doctor, but there are major consequences when you avoid medical treatment. Preventative care can save you from issues in the future, so it’s important to see a health care practitioners on a regular basis.


If you wait to go to the doctor until something is wrong, you miss opportunities that can be lifesaving. Preventative care, including regular blood work and physical checkups, is meant to catch problems before they get out of control, according to Independence Insights. Skipping these can lead to major health consequences in the future. A condition that might have been easy to treat in the beginning can turn into something much more complex given time and no intervention. Since our bodies and minds are connected, physical health problems can affect mental health and vice versa. It’s also possible for an ailment that affects one part of the body to spread if ignored. This creates chaos and makes treating what ails you much more difficult.


Your mouth is the gateway to your body. That’s why seeing a dentist for regular cleanings and exams is essential. Your dental hygienist can remove built-up tartar and plague, so you don’t suffer from tooth decay. Dentists can also help determine if there are other problems with your health. High blood pressure and diabetes cause symptoms that can sometimes be caught during a routine dental checkup. However, if you don’t see the dentist regularly, these conditions can become much worse before they are caught. Oral cancer is also something that dentists check for when you go in for regular appointments. According to Delta Dental of Iowa, missing the signs of cancer can be fatal, so make an appointment every six months to see a dentist.

Emergency Medical Treatment

It can be hard to decide when to visit an emergency care center. There are definitely times you need to go to the emergency room no matter how you feel at the moment. According to the Law Offices of Emroch & Kilduff, after a car accident, you might be a little sore or have a few cuts or scratches, but it’s important to receive emergency medical treatment after an accident as there could be more serious problems that may arise later. Head injuries need to be assessed as soon as possible so treatment can begin immediately. It’s also important to know that a particular accident caused a certain injury when dealing with insurance or lawsuits. It’s harder to track this information if you don’t receive medical care after an accident. Seek emergency care after an accident or injury regardless of if you have extreme external symptoms. Internal injuries can lurk within and cause permanent damage if not taken care of quickly.

Avoiding medical treatment is a fast way to end up with major problems. Preventative and emergency care exist to make sure you stay as well as possible, so don’t refuse to take advantage of these types of care. See your doctor and dentist regularly for your health and get treated when injured.