How Do Your Finances Stack Up to the Average Person?

Savings in a jar.

Now that everything is stabilizing, it’s time to have all your finances in better order. But, that can make it even more complicated, because then you need to know so much about what to do and how to prepare. How much should you have saved by your age? How can you make sure you’re on track for retirement? How do your finances stack up to those of the average persona, and what should you do if you need more?


Your savings need to be adjusted for your age, how large your family is, and what your needs might be in the future. There are no hard and fast rules for an exact amount you need by a specific age, but there are some guidelines. The Social Security Administration also has a guideline calculator. You need to consider things like medical issues in the future as well as what you need on a general basis.


Alongside the amount of savings you need for being able to retire, you also need to know what’s necessary for your insurance needs. 60 percent of individuals had some kind of life insurance coverage in 2018. There are two primary types of life insurance: term life, and permanent life. Permanent life insurance continues as long as you live, as long as you keep paying the premiums. Term life insurance, in contrast, pays for a term limit of twenty or thirty years, again, as long as you keep paying. There are pros and cons to each plan, and your insurance specialist can help you determine which you need.

Turbulent Times

These years have set back a lot of goals for many Americans. Turbulent markets can set you back in your savings, as can emergencies (including pandemic). Other emergency complications, including deaths, divorce, and disability, can cause you to be understandably behind. If this ends up being the case, finding a financial specialist who can help you get back on track will help immensely, as you’re trying to repair your financial outlook.

You’re working on preparing ahead and making sure you and your family have everything you need to retire, prepare for medical complications in late adulthood, and all of the various adventures facing you. With preparation and information, you will be able to do that! Keep going and making progress, and being aware of what you need in the future.  

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