How to Maintain Positive Cash Flow in Real Estate

Real estate investment might be a relatively safe investment, but it is anything but a guarantee. Even if you have managed to obtain a nice property in a nice neighborhood, you need to have positive cash flow if you’re hoping to get anything out of it. Here’s how you can do your best to ensure that.

Make Sure Rent Covers Expenses

It’s just basic math, at the end of the day. If the amount of money that you receive from your tenant or tenants is equal to or less than the related expenses, you will not make money. Most landlords and investors have two basic expenses that they need to take care of: mortgage payments and maintenance. While your situation may have other factors as well, those are the primary two to consider. Mortgage payments are the bare essentials. Even if nobody is living on the property, you need to make those payments to keep it. Maintenance is your contractual obligation and is important for keeping a good tenant happy. Make sure that the paid rent will cover both.

Keep Your Units Filled

You can’t cover expenses if you’re not getting any rent in the first place! Your priority first and foremost when it comes to ensuring cash flow should be ensuring that the units are always filled. That doesn’t mean letting anybody at all rent a place there – it means making sure that you have high-quality tenants who will stick around. Long-term tenants provide more dependable rental income. And the alternative (tenants who constantly cause problems, damage, and give inconsistent rent payments) will be a lot harder in the long run.

Have Useful Protocols and Practices in Place

It’s important to know what you can do to gradually create a financial cushion that can protect you from housing emergencies. For example, charging a late fee on rent is a standard practice because it can help you recoup whatever financial dangers you may find yourself in within the interim of the late payment. Tracking your cash flow with a budget and making sure that your spending stays at a reasonable minimum are also essential. Make sure that whatever kinds of protocols you decide to use, they are fair for both you and the tenant.


Real estate is a fickle kind of financial game to play. If you’re hoping to come out on top, you’re going to need to be diligent and smart about it. While sometimes economic events outside of your control can affect your investments, your preparation will make the difference ninety-nine times out of a hundred.

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