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How to Make Older Guests Feel More Comfortable in Your Home

Whether you will have elderly guests visiting or if you’re having a loved one move in who might need your care, there are some things you can do to make your home more welcoming and comfortable for them. Read on to learn about tips for bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, and entryways.

Place Grab Bars Everywhere

When people get older, balance can become an issue. According to the American Bath Factory, one important thing to have in a bathroom for seniors is at least one grab bar within arm’s reach. One or two in the bathtub and shower would be helpful for getting in and out as well as pulling up from sitting in the tub. (A shower chair is handy to use with the bars.) A grab bar by the toilet helps with sitting down and getting up. Grab bars around the house and down a hallway help to steady and get one’s bearings.

Plan Their Bedroom with Care

Designing a bedroom for seniors could be a way to use your creativity for something manageable and necessary. According to the Assisted Living Center, the bedroom should ideally be on the first floor as well as close to the bathroom as possible. Even for temporary stays, have clean bedding and adequate lighting for day and night. Some extra space on the bedside table for books, glasses, phone and clock is a good idea. If they use a computer, a small desk and computer ready for them would be nice. If there is a chair in the bedroom, a footstool is comfy (and helps with circulation and edema).

Safety in Your Home

Rugs can be a tripping hazard. If you have them and they aren’t anchored securely, it would be better to take them out than to risk a fall. Make sure loose items are not scattered around the floor. Night lights or motion-activated lights are helpful throughout the house, especially in dark hallways and other dark areas such as the bathroom at night. If your loved one is a wanderer, you can install buzzers or alarms on doors that will beep if opened. There are special rugs that go right by the bed that will beep if someone steps on them. If a wheelchair is used, a ramp might be necessary if there are steps going up to the house, according to Caregiver Homes. Doorways need to be wide enough for a wheelchair to fit through.

Some changes probably will be necessary to prepare for an older person in your home. Most of it is common sense and can be done with little preparation. It will be easier for everyone to enjoy your time together with a few minor adjustments.

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