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How to Keep Your Kids Safe When on Vacation

Family vacations give families time and space to bond and create precious memories. But accidents can happen anywhere, and an injury or emergency can turn a fun time into a harrowing experience. That’s why it’s important to take preventative steps to keep your kids safe while traveling away from home.

Child Proof Your Hotel

No matter how luxurious your hotel room might be, they are still unfamiliar places and there may be hazards you hadn’t considered. Just like at home, the bathroom is the number one site of accidents, especially the shower and bathtub. Before letting your kids shower, look over the fixtures for sturdiness and make sure the bath surface is non-slip. The water temperature may be difficult to adjust, so test it out and run the water for younger children to prevent scalding.

Also, examine furniture for cracks or breaks and door latches for finger-pinching potential.

Watch Them

Keeping an eye on your kids is more difficult when you’re immersed in crowds or in strange surroundings. Even older kids can quickly become separated from the group, wander off, or encounter a dangerous situation. When in a crowded place such as a theme park, dressing in bright colors or hats can help you spot family members.

If you’re vacationing at the beach or at a water park or pool, watching your kids is crucial. It only takes a second for a child to fall into the water or become overwhelmed by a wave. Before heading out for vacation, consider swimming lessons for your kids. Swimming is a life-saving skill that can keep kids safe in the water. If an accident happens, they can learn the skills needed to stay safe until help comes.

Have a Safety Plan

Everyone is safer if you think ahead and make a safety plan. Sit down with your kids and discuss some safety rules such as where they are allowed to go and where it is safe to play. Employ a buddy system, pairing younger kids with older siblings who have cell phones. Talk about what your kids should do if they get lost or feel unsafe. Carry a first-aid kit and make sure you know where the nearest urgent care center or hospital is located.

Every type of vacation has its own pleasures but also carries risks. The best way to avoid accidents while vacationing is to be prepared. The better and more thorough your plans, the better the safety of your whole family!

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