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How to Plan a Hike With Your Whole Family

If you are looking for a family activity to do together outdoors, hiking is the solution for you! Going on a hike can increase the time your family spends away from screens, is good for some fresh air, and it gets you exercise. Here are some of the things you should plan out before you take to the trail.

Bring Water and Snacks

Make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks on your hike—especially if you have younger children. Not only will it keep your kids from crying (snacks have a way of doing that) but it is also important in preventing exhaustion and dehydration. If you live in an area with higher temperatures, it can be dangerous to go hiking without bringing water along.

Good hiking snacks are compact and easy to eat with minimal clean-up. Trail mix is an excellent hiking snack. Granola bars and fruit can also be excellent for kids to eat. Consider your family’s favorite snacks before going on the hike.

Watch Out for Bugs

You should also be wary of the wildlife that lives in your area. While you are less likely to find something as intimidating as a bear or rattlesnake, insects are the most common creatures you should be aware of.

Some insect bites are far more painful than others. Other bites are more dangerous because of the diseases insects carry—such as West Nile virus or Lyme disease. Watch out for insects of all kinds by staying on the trail and applying insect repellent regularly. Pay attention to your children and make sure they avoid tall grass where insects may hide.

Choose a Hike Suited for You

It is also important that you study the hikes in your area to figure out which one suits your family’s needs. Younger kids should not go on too strenuous of a hike—so you should try and find something easier for them to do. If you have a bigger group with older kids, you might want to do something more challenging. Keep it short enough that your kids won’t get too restless.

Your family might also want a hike with something fun to see at the end. You can make things like waterfalls, lakes, and beautiful landscape views the focus of your adventure. Ask your family what they would like to see before you plan out your hike.

Overall, your hike will be as fun as you make it. If you plan the trip with your family, you will be able to have an excellent time trekking through a forest or up a mountainside. Just make sure you follow these tips so you and your family can have a safe and enjoyable time.

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