How to Prepare Your Finances As You Age

Right now, you might think you have plenty of time to get your finance in order before you retire. However, don’t forget that reliable saying: There’s no time like the present. Start to prepare now so you can lessen the financial burden later.

Invest According to Risk Tolerance

Investing is a great way to build up some money for later in life. However, you need to make sure you are taking calculated risks while investing. Investing according to risk tolerance is one way to do this. Risk tolerance measures how much loss you will be able to handle. For example, if you have low-risk tolerance that means you would be hit hard by a big loss and so you should invest in low-risk options. By following the principles of risk tolerance, you can safely make investments that can help rather than hinder you later in life.


Plan for Forced Early Retirement

A forced early retirement may come for a variety of reasons. It could be anything from company downsizing to declining health to disability. Since there is no way of knowing what will happen, it’s wise to make preparations now. One step to take is to start saving so you’ll have plenty of money if you do need to retire. It’s also important to be aware of resources that will help you in the event of early retirement. One such resource is disability insurance, which will provide you with income if a disability prevents you from working. Your Social Security Disability benefit is based on your average lifetime earnings.


Pay Off Your Debts Early

Unless you’ve saved a great deal of money, it can be difficult to pay off any debts once you retire. Now is the time to make a plan for paying off debts. Don’t tackle your debt all at once. You want to determine your priorities. Understand the difference between good debt (like a mortgage payment) and bad debt (like a credit card). If it’s high cost and depreciating, then you should pay it off as soon as possible. When paying off debt, pay the maximum you can afford. There may even be times when you can afford to make extra payments. Take advantage of these opportunities, but make sure you approach each situation carefully and logically.


Finances can be a burden, especially later in life. If you want to have an easier go of things, then you should start now to prepare your finances. Take measures to make sure you can handle any financial curveballs life may throw at you.

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