Moving in Together After the Wedding? What You Need to Know

One of the most exciting times for many couples is beginning their life together once they say, “I do.” Although it can be exciting to get engaged and married, moving in together can often be a challenge with the new transition and changes that occur. If you want to make it an easier process as you learn to live with your new spouse, here are a few essential steps to take.

Now’s a Good Time to Purge

When combining your personal belongings with your spouse’s items, it can equate to a lot of furniture and decor pieces that create a cluttered environment. A happy relationship takes place in an organized living space, which makes it necessary to purge items that are no longer needed or are broken. Spend a weekend creating piles of items that can be donated, tossed, and kept to free up extra space in your new home after you move in together. Worse comes to worst, if the house or apartment you are buying simply doesn’t have enough storage, you can always rent a storage unit. This is especially nice for seasonal items like motorcycles, holiday decor, or extra furniture that you want to keep but can’t use right now.

Divide Chores Evenly

One of the most common challenges that most couples face after getting married and living in the same home is learning how to maintain the house and the chores that come with it. Divide chores or tasks up evenly to ensure that you can share the load without one person feeling overwhelmed or taken advantage of each day. One person may prefer to do the dishes each night while the other might enjoy vacuuming, for instance.

Create a Financial Plan

Creating a financial plan is necessary for having harmony in the house and avoiding arguments. Sit down and decide how the bills will be paid depending on each of your salaries. One person may want to be responsible for paying the rent or mortgage whereas the other person can be in charge of covering the utilities.

Moving in with your spouse can be a smoother and stress-free transition with the right steps taken in advance. By knowing how to be more organized and by creating a plan for different aspects of your home life, it will allow you to truly enjoy the honeymoon stage as you gain a new roommate.

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