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The American Dental Association Is More Important Than You Think

You may have never thought about the American Dental Association, or ADA, in your entire life. After countless visits to the dentist, the ADA’s role in your dental health likely never crossed your mind. However, the organization plays a vital role in ensuring the integrity and quality of dental care both in the United States and abroad. The ADA works both with dentists and patients. To develop a newfound respect for this often forgotten association, consider some of these important aspects of their work that translate to a higher quality of care for patients.

Their Role in Supporting Dentists

The ADA provides important guidance for good dental practice to dentists and keeps its members up to date on the latest developments in the field. According to the American Dental Education Association, the ADA is the oldest and most respected national dentistry organization in the world, and dentists from around the globe look to the ADA for guidance. In America, the ADA helps dentists in a variety of ways, from public advocacy work encouraging funding for dental care as a priority to helping train staff on how to collect payment from insurance companies.

What They Test

The ADA Seal of Acceptance was first introduced nearly a hundred years ago. Common examples of what the organization tests are toothpastes, mouthwashes, and floss. They are evaluated both for effectiveness and safety. According to Murfreesboro Family Dentistry, any toothpaste with an ADA Seal must meet the chemical standards for what they consider an effective toothpaste. Additionally, any medical claims made by the box have to be rigorously tested and show noticeable results or else face harsh penalties. So any time you see a product with the ADA Seal of Acceptance on it, it has been tested using these standards.

Foundation Work

The ADA Foundation is the giving wing of the ADA organization. They award scholarships to up-and-coming dentists, fund grants for research, provide disaster relief in the form of dental care, and more. The foundation is widely acclaimed for its work and has been recognized by governments and public health organizations around the world for its contributions.

The ADA is highly respected as an important part of the dental ecosystem and it has largely avoided any scandals that commonly plague other organizations of its size. It plays an important part in dentistry from dentists to hygiene products. As the ADA president said recently, “Dentists helping dentists—this is what our ADA is all about.”

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