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What to Do After You Get Your Teeth Whitened

Getting your teeth whitened is a great way to brighten your smile and give your confidence a little boost. After you’ve had your teeth professionally whitened, you want to be careful what you do. The wrong thing could undo all the work that was done.

Avoid Foods That Are Hard on Your Teeth

Obviously, your priority now is taking good care of your teeth. One way to do this is to avoid any foods that are hard on your teeth. This includes foods that could scratch or chip your teeth as well as foods that could break down your teeth or the enamel. Hard candies and other sugary foods can be a problem. You should also be careful with citrus foods as the acid can be damaging to your teeth. It’s also a good idea to avoid alcohol and/or smoking. Both of these can cause damage to your teeth. Knowing what to avoid, or at least reduce, can help you to take better care of your teeth.

Keep Them White

You also want to be doing everything you can to keep your teeth white. A lot of your habits can lead to your teeth becoming stained or becoming yellow. Once you whiten your teeth, you don’t want to lose the effect. Make sure you take measures to maintain the whitening. Some foods, especially tomato sauces, curries, and soy sauce, can stain your teeth. Avoiding these foods, or at least decreasing your intake, can help you avoid stains. Smoking is also notorious for staining or discoloring your teeth. You should attempt to stop if possible. To further keep your teeth white, you can use whitening toothpaste and other products to make the whitening last longer.

Create an Oral Hygiene Routine

Your oral hygiene is an important part of your health and you need to make sure you have a healthy routine in place. This routine will reduce your risk of cavities and other health issues. Additionally, a good routine can help you to keep your teeth white. Your oral hygiene routine should include brushing your teeth twice a day as well as flossing at least once a day. You can boost this routine by using mouthwash when necessary and making sure to remove any food debris after eating.

Having a bright white smile can help you feel more confident in your look and it can improve the way others see you. Taking care of freshly whitened teeth is essential. Make sure you create a plan to care for your teeth.

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