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How to Repair a Tooth That’s Been Broken

When a tooth breaks suddenly, it can be alarming. Even if there’s no pain, you’re understandably concerned about your dental health and your appearance. Teeth can break for several reasons, including injury and advanced decay, but whatever the situation, you do have options to restore your tooth.

Get a Replacement

If a tooth break is severe, or if other problems also exist, you may need to have the tooth extracted. If that’s the case, don’t panic—you can get the tooth replaced with a dental implant. An implant will look and function just like your natural tooth.

After the extraction, the dentist may use bone grafts to provide a solid foundation for the implant. The implant is like a metal screw inserted into the bone. When the implant is placed, it must heal for several weeks while the implant integrates with the bone. Then, your dentist will attach a replacement tooth that looks and feels natural.

Get a Dental Crown

A dental crown can repair a tooth if the breakage is not substantial. A crown goes over the existing tooth to provide a whole, smooth surface for chewing. You’ll need enough tooth left to allow the crown to be firmly cemented on.

There are many common metals used in the creation of dental crowns. Gold is a traditional metal because it’s durable and doesn’t react with anything you eat or drink. Porcelain crowns that are tooth-colored are often lined with metal alloys including mixtures of palladium, nickel, chromium, or gold.

Try Bonding

If a tooth has a minor chip or crack, bonding may repair it. Dental bonding can repair small imperfections and improve your smile. The dentist will select a color that matches the rest of your teeth so it will look natural.

Bonding begins with etching the tooth with a liquid that allows the bonding material to adhere more securely. Then, the bonding resin is applied and allowed to harden. The dentist will use a light to accelerate the process. Then, the tooth will be shaped and smoothed so it blends well with surrounding teeth.

Your dentist can advise you about your best choices in treating a broken tooth. If it happens, don’t wait; even a minor breakage can lead to bigger problems later on, such as decay or further breakage. However extensive the damage is, you can repair your tooth and restore your smile.

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