What You Need to Know Before Embarking on a Long-Distance Bike Trip

For the cyclist, few things are as exciting as planning a long-distance bike tour. And whether you want to cross your state or travel to a foreign country for your ride, a distance ride offers you a memorable experience while improving your fitness level. Here’s what to know before you ride.

What to Bring

What you need to bring will change depending on the length of your trip and whether you’ll be camping along the way. If you plan on cooking, you may need some simple camp stove equipment. You can usually fit plenty of water, food, and snacks in a set of good bicycle saddlebags.

Of course, the amount of food and water you bring will depend on how often you’ll be stopping for more food. Some riders have planned supply stops, while others prefer to simply stop as needed. You’ll also probably need sleeping gear and a few changes of clothes.


Riding over a long distance will also require knowledge of road safety precautions and laws. Bikers are just as responsible for following the rules of the road as drivers are. And as law firms like Noonan Law can attest, many bicycle collisions are caused by cyclists who either don’t know or don’t follow traffic laws.

If you will be riding somewhere new, make sure to do your homework on existing traffic and bicycle regulations. And safety gear is always important–be sure to bring a good-quality helmet and clothing that will protect you from road rash in the event of a fall.

Training for Your Ride

There’s nothing worse than planning a long-distance ride, gearing everything up, and then realizing that you don’t have the stamina to ride comfortably. Make sure that you train extensively before the ride–plan out about how many miles you want to ride each day, and then practice riding approximately that same distance.

Additionally, make sure you train on similar terrain, if possible. If you’re planning a long ride through mountain roads but just train on flat roads, you may be in for a rude awakening once the trip begins.

In conclusion, while a long-distance bike ride can be very rewarding, it’s also an adventure that requires a good deal of preparation. By researching what you’ll need and making sure you have the right training and conditioning, you’ll be prepared for the trip of a lifetime.

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