Why You Should Save Social Media Posts for After Your Vacation

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Vacations are something that everyone looks forward to, especially when it means you can leave the stress of work behind. Your vacation will create some great memories, and you can have some awesome experiences and beautiful views. It may be tempting to post about it as you go, but that really isn’t the best idea.

Enjoy the Moment

Social media is great, but constantly thinking about your next post and your next video means that you will get pulled out of the moment and be focused on your online presence instead. Rather than curating your life, put your phone away and be present with the people around you. 

Take photos or videos because you want to preserve a memory, but be careful not to live the experience through your phone. Vacations are a great time to bond with the people you are with, and the moment is something you won’t be able to get back. Focus on the moment, not sharing the moment with the people online.

Stay Safe

Safety while traveling is a very important thing. You take steps to keep yourself safe, to let people know where you will be, and to set up emergency funds so you aren’t ever stuck without the ability to take care of yourself. But what about your home? Posting in real-time while traveling gives a clear signal that you are not home and that you won’t be there anytime soon. Burglars often use social media posts to target people while they’re on vacation. 

Countdowns to vacation, posts, videos, and other social media evidence that you aren’t home are prime ways to become a target. Hashtags and tagging locations can also make you a target for people in the area you are visiting. Even if you have private profiles, it is best to leave the posts until after you are home.

Improve Your Mental Health

Social media has been proven to cause a drain on mental health, even if you don’t use it constantly. You are on vacation to relax and recharge, so why drain your mental health at the same time? It can be difficult at first, especially if you usually spend a lot of time on social media, but stick to it. You will find yourself feeling better and enjoying your time more. You may even want to delete the apps from your phone so you aren’t tempted to open them. Most people find that they enjoy their vacation even more, and they feel more refreshed after a digital detox.

You’ve spent time, money, and energy planning this vacation, and you rightfully want to document your experience. Just make sure that the documenting doesn’t take over the experience and it doesn’t put you at risk. It is better to have a memory of a moment than a picture of something you didn’t get to experience.

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