Extracurricular Activities That Can Lead to Well-Rounded Kids

Keeping your kids occupied can be a challenge, especially if they have a lot of energy. It is possible to channel your kids’ energy and interests into extracurricular activities they will enjoy. These do not have to be mindless activities either, there are a lot of options when you are looking for activities that will make your kids more well-rounded.

Music Classes

Music classes are a great way to engage kids in something where they learn a lot and use the creative side of their brain. There are classes for nearly any instrument too, from violin to guitar, piano to trumpet, or drums to bass. Music classes allow your child to express themselves and their individuality while learning skills like rhythm and reading music. Music classes also teach kids discipline and patience as it takes time and practice to become good at an instrument. It has also been shown that children who take music classes consistently perform better academically. 

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons are vital for kids of all ages. Learning how to swim is a great way to get exercise, and develop the physical skills to complete the different swim strokes. Swimming strengthens your child’s lung capacity, and improves their cardiovascular health. Swimming is a strength based sport that can help you kids grow strong muscles. 

In addition to being a fun outdoor activity, swim lessons can have an even bigger impact. Classes help kids learn many swimming skills that can help save a life one day.


Taekwondo is a Korean martial art form that kids love to participate in. The sport teaches a number of core values, including respect for themselves and their instructors, integrity, and self-control. In taekwondo students are only competing against themselves, and the sport can provide a good boost of self-esteem for students. In addition to being good exercise, when taekwondo students advance they progressively receive different belt colors that correspond to their skill level. This entices taekwondo students to continue to practice the sport to advance to a new belt. Another benefit of taekwondo is it is an indoor sport, meaning year-round fun. 

When looking for extra-curricular activities for your kids, think about the kinds of skills and character-traits you would like them to develop. Art and theatre courses are great for kids who are expressive and creative, while team sports are great to teach kids how to work together with others. Let your kids follow their interests and get involved in what most excites them.

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