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Four Weird Facts About Coffee

Coffee varies in many ways, including the intensity of the roast, aroma, bitterness, and even sweetness. In fact, did you know that some dark roasts look deceivingly light in color and vice versa? This article is meant to share with you some unique facts about coffee. Prepare yourself to be surprised by these four weird facts about our favorite caffeinated beverage throughout the world.

1. Coffee Comes from Berries

Coffee beans are extracted from a fruit similar to a cherry that grows in bunches on the coffee plant. The fruits are machine-harvested or gathered by hand, and then undergo a process of either dry or wet processing in order to remove the beans from the fruit. Once the beans are removed, they are then roasted in order to gain their flavor. The more intense the roast, the darker the beans will become. Darker roasts, however, typically contain less caffeine than their lighter counterparts.

2. Coffee Was Originally Chewed

Before coffee became popularized and diversified into the millions of combinations that you can find on your coffee house menu, the first records of coffee suggest that it was originally chewed. It is said that coffee was discovered in Africa when goats that ruminated on the coffee plant were said to dance energetically after consuming the beans. In turn, early tribes in Africa that discovered its energetic properties, used to gather the berries, grind them up into a mash, and craft chewable little energy balls to get their caffeine fix.

3. Coffee Has Faced Historical Bans

Throughout history, coffee has faced several bans in many cultures. For instance, during the sixteenth century, Mecca placed a ban on coffee consumption, as the Islamic government believed that its properties as a stimulant could arouse divergent thinking and thus lead to an uprising. Shortly after, upon its arrival in Europe in the late sixteenth century, coffee received a stigma for being a satanic brew. It wasn’t until Pope Clement VIII sipped his first cup and fell in love with the beverage that it became cultural accepted throughout the continent.

4. Kopi Luwak Is the Most Expensive Coffee

Lastly, Kopi luwak, the world’s most expensive coffee, which can cost up to $600 for a mere pound of beans, has an especially exciting processing method. The reason for the cost is that this coffee is actually made from beans extracted from the feces of a feline creature called a civet cat. It is said that when this animal digests the coffee fruit, a unique fermentation process occurs, adding a distinct flavor to the coffee beans. The beans are then removed from the feces, washed, and roasted using traditional methods. When the beans are finally brewed, they still maintain their extra lacing of flavor from the civet cat’s gut.

These four weird facts about coffee are just some of the little anecdotes that you can ponder each time you brew your morning cup. It sure is surprising to see how the world has perceived and utilized coffee throughout history. Check out other cool articles and interesting facts here!


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