Save the Bees: How to Do Your Part

When it comes to natural habitats, bees make a big difference in so many different environments. They play a critical role in pollinating flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Sadly, these happy striped bugs are losing their foothold and need your help to continue doing their important work in the future.


Plant Flowers

As Friends of the Earth points out, planting flowers is one of the most pleasant and meaningful ways to save the bees. Planting flowers and other plants that have a lot of nectar and pollen not only provides a safe space for bees but also provides them with critical nourishment.


As you figure out what types of plants and flowers to plant in your garden, there are a few varieties you should consider. Bees especially love wildflowers like daisies; they also love certain fruits—especially berries.


As you plan out your garden, consider planting some of the same varieties in big clumps—these larger clumps tend to attract more bees. You should also try to plant flower varieties that have multiple blooming cycles so that the bees can keep coming back.


Help Relocate Hives

In addition to planting a bee-friendly garden, it’s also important to know how to handle bee removal when necessary. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t feel that a beehive is a great thing to have in your backyard—especially when you have young kids. But instead of spraying the hive or whacking at it yourself, call a professional.


According to Proterra Pest Control, getting a professional, whether it is a beekeeper or a bee-friendly pest control company, to help you is the best way to remove a hive safely. They can come and remove the hive and then transport it to another location where the bees will be able to continue growing and making honey safely.


Use Fewer Chemicals

Using different chemicals list pesticides and some fertilizers can change the chemical levels of soil and plants which then affects bees when they interact with those surfaces. Instead of using chemically dense synthetic materials, try to go organic as often as you can. Doing so will help bees stay safe when they come to your garden or yard.


Making an effort to be more bee-friendly can start with little changes. Simply adding a planter box with some wildflowers can make a big difference for bees by adding another safe habitat for them to forage. Be willing to congratulate yourself on the little changes you make to help the environment one bee at a time.


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