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Simple Habits You Can Add to Your Nighttime Routine

The nighttime routine – you know, the thing you skip more nights than you do it? But all joking aside, a nighttime routine is genuinely one of the more important things that you can do to promote a healthy lifestyle and keep yourself in good shape heading to bed. Not to mention that a good nighttime routine will make you look, feel, and sleep better than if you go without a nighttime routine. While nobody likes a never-ending nighttime routine, there are a few key things that every nighttime routine should include. Here are three habits to add to your nighttime routine.

Moisturize Your Skin

If you are not moisturizing your skin before bed as part of your nighttime routine, then you are on the back foot. IF you are washing your face at night (which you absolutely should be) then you also need to be moisturizing immutably afterwards. Soaps and facial cleansers can strip your sensitive face skin of the necessary oils they need to stay hydrated, and you need to apply moisturizer after you use them to prevent your skin from drying up. Apply moisturizer every night and your skin will be glowing and beautiful in the morning, every day.

Floss Your Teeth

You know how your dentist always tells you to floss more? Well, here is your reminder. Flossing your teeth is an essential part of maintaining dental health and hygiene that far too many people overlook. Flossing at night is a great way to get rid of all the nasty gunk that can build up between your teeth and gums before you go to bed so you can start the day fresh. According to Murfreesboro Family Dentistry, you only need to floss once a day to keep your gums healthy. Doing your flossing as part of your nighttime routine is a great way to head to bed with a clean and healthy mouth.

Write a To-Do List for Tomorrow

The best way to finish off any nighttime routine is to think ahead to tomorrow and write out your to do list, says Country Living. Having a good idea of what you have going on tomorrow before bed is a smart way to plan and know when you need to get up, and already know what needs to get done when you roll out of bed. You can take this tip one step further and start to journal at night about your day. Journaling is a healthy way to decompress and digest everything that has gone on in your day and keep you focused on your goals and understanding your feelings.

A nighttime routine is essential for proper health and life management. And there are a few elements that no nighttime routine is complete without. Make sure you are including these three steps for the ultimate nighttime routine.

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