Top 4 Healthiest States in America

Overall state health is defined in many ways. Some of the elements measured include obesity rates, access to quality healthcare, public policy at the state level, availability of recreational opportunities, and more. If you are looking to relocate to any area of the country that encourages healthy living, here are the top four healthiest states in America.


Everyone already knows that Hawaii is a true paradise, and it is also the healthiest state in the nation. A moderate climate, ample recreational opportunities, and a commitment to strong family ties help to propel the Aloha State to the number one spot. Do be aware that Hawaii can be expensive, and moving there isn’t an easy task because it’s a highly isolated state. Hawaii also celebrates different holidays due to its unique culture.


Massachusetts boasts a long-standing tradition of being home to some of the best hospitals in the world. This unparalleled access to quality healthcare helps the Bay State to remain one of the healthiest states in the country. Massachusetts also enjoys a high number of residents who have health insurance, helping to boost the state’s overall physical well-being. A low level of obesity rates is reflected in the state’s commitment to providing a host of recreational opportunities. The city of Boston is known for its vast green space, encouraging residents to get outside and move their bodies.


An educated workforce and a high median household income help to keep Connecticut residents able to afford access to healthcare resources. The state’s innovative healthcare marketplace provides insurance for many of its residents. Connecticut also boasts one of the highest childhood immunization rates as well as one of the lowest incidences of infectious disease.


This quaint New England state is known for more than just bursting fall colors and charming apple orchards. Vermont enjoys a lower-than-average violent crime rate partnered with a low incidence of babies born underweight. The state also excels in its public health funding, providing an abundance of opportunities for its residents. Vermonters are more likely to make healthy food choices, enjoying a wide variety of fresh seafood and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

In the end, you have final control over your health. Moving to a state that encourages a healthy lifestyle is the first step in the process of reaching your true potential. Living in one of these four states will give you a head start on the track toward healthy living.

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