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What to Do As Your Child Waits for a Baby Tooth to Fall Out

There are so many amazing milestones to look for with your kids, and it is always exciting to see your child grow and progress. One milestone is when your child first starts losing their baby teeth, it generally happens around the time they start going to school, which makes this moment especially important. When your child is waiting for a baby tooth to fall out, you want to make sure that you give them support and help them to feel comfortable with the idea that they are going to start losing their teeth.

Let Things Take Their Course

Sometimes all you need to do when your child is waiting for a tooth to fall out is to simply wait. This is especially true when the tooth isn’t causing them any problems, and they are on a normal schedule. In general your child’s baby teeth will fall out without needing any outside assistance. Help your child to be patient and remind them that there is no hurry to lose their teeth. Giving them room to wait can help to decrease your child’s fear about losing their teeth and make them more comfortable with the process.

Give it a Little Help

If a tooth is being particularly stubborn, it might be time to intervene, especially if it is bothering your kid. Try to avoid any extreme methods for removing a tooth, since that can be potentially damaging and scary for your child. While you should usually wait until the tooth falls out on its own, you can gently wiggle it.

Talk with Your Child

It is important that you and your kid have open communication while they are waiting to lose their teeth. This can help you to understand how they are feeling and ensure that your kid knows that they can come to you if they are having a problem. You also want to make sure that your kid is informed about the process and how it can look different to each child. Be patient and open with your child during this time so you can make sure that they feel comfortable and happy while they wait to lose their baby teeth.

Every child is different, and that means their experience with losing teeth will be different as well. When you are patient and give room for your child to have their individual experience, it will help. And, if you have any questions or problems, you can always talk to their dentist to get help and more information.

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