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What to Expect When Making an Insurance Claim After an Accident

Being in an accident is never a fun ordeal. Even if your car isn’t damaged too badly and no one is hurt, going through the process of filing a claim can be complicated. Here are a few basics of the process to give you an idea of what to expect. 

How the Process Works

When you’ve been in an accident, make sure you exchange contact information and insurance information. According to Enjuris, this is just the beginning of the process. Then, one or both parties will begin a claim by contacting their insurance. Typically, an appraiser will come and look at the damage done to the cars and give an estimate of the damage costs. 

The insurance will then give you a set sum based on the amount of coverage you have to go towards the cost of repairs. 

What They Pay For

There are a variety of different fees and payments that should be covered by your insurance after an accident. First, your insurance should cover at least some of the cost of the damage to the car. Additionally, insurance companies should pay for any medical bills you incur after an accident according to Ipson Law. Make sure you choose coverage that will cover you fully in the event of accidents. 

When You Should Pay

Another important part of understanding the insurance claim process is understanding when you do and don’t pay. Usually, you will pay for anything up until your deductible is met which could mean a lot or a little depending on the year. 

You should also be aware of situations when it’s actually better to not even file a claim and pay out of pocket—if you’re ever in a situation where you damage another car when there was no driver in the other car, paying out of pocket might be smart because then it won’t raise your insurance payments. 

But if there ever was an individual in the other car, have insurance cover it. If you pay out of pocket, you assume all liability which could end up meaning hefty sums if the other person sues you. 

Understanding the process of filing a claim isn’t something you can simply learn. All accidents are somewhat different from each other, so do your research in advance to understand what can happen. This will help you make sure you have adequate coverage to cover all your needs in the event of various kinds of accidents.

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