When Was the Last Time You Inspected Your Tires?

The amount of air that you have in your tires is extremely important. Proper air pressure determines how safe and secure your vehicle is when driving on the road. Too much air can put you at a higher risk of a tire blowout while driving. Too little air can end up damaging the structure of your wheels. When was the last time  you inspected your tires on your own?

What to Look For

The three most common reasons that tires fail is overinflation, underinflation, and tire wear — any of these can be dangerous. The penny method is a really easy way to see if your tires are at a good pressure and if the tread is still in good shape. You simply place a penny upside-down inside the tread of your vehicle. If you can see any of Lincoln’s head, then you have too low of tread or too low of air pressure.

Signs That Your Tires Need to Be Replaced

In addition to your tires not having the right amount of air in them, there are other issues that you want to look out for that could determine whether or not you need to budget for a new set of tires. The penny test will help with the tread. You’ll also want to look for any cracking or peeling of your tires. This could be occurring inside the tread or on the side of the wheels. This means your tires are old and starting to break down.

Don’t Wait for Your Tire Pressure Sensors to Kick In

Many newer models of vehicles come with tire pressure sensors that will notify you if something is amiss with your tires. While this is really beneficial technology, you’ll want to do routine checks on your own as well. There could always be an issue with your sensors that are affecting their ability to alert you of an issue. If you need assistance checking the quality of your tires or the amount of air pressure that you have inside of them, you can always ask a professional at a dealership or tire service center for assistance. 

If you determine that your vehicle needs new tires, you’ll want to start shopping as soon as possible. Leaving damaged tires on your vehicle can be a huge safety risk that you shouldn’t take with yourself or family members in the vehicle with you.

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