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Why Insurance Companies Are So Hard to Work With

If you’ve ever found yourself in need of help from your insurance company—whom you likely have put a significant amount of trust into, in the form of money—you probably have felt the frustration that many encounter trying to get an insurance settlement. Here are a few reasons why insurance companies are difficult to work with, and how you can best combat those issues.

They Have Their Own Interests

Your goals and their goals are different: you pay money to a company for the peace of mind that you will be taken care of in a financially stressful situation, and the company hopes that you never have to access that money so that they can make a profit. Because of this, BWH Legal explains that insurance companies will do anything possible to justify not giving you money. They may require proof of damage that you don’t have, may claim your needs don’t merit the extent of your claim, have tricky deadlines you don’t know about, or even changed what your insurance policy “covers” since you took out the policy. It may serve you well to identify insurance companies with a positive reputation for integrity and cooperation before making a decision on who you will do business with, and definitely read all the fine print.

They’re Skilled at Getting What They Want

Furthermore, these companies have hired skilled professionals to represent their cases, making it extremely difficult for you to combat their defense with your claim. According to Rogers Beltran, insurance companies will take you less seriously if you represent yourself. These professionals are trained to identify any and every vulnerability in your claim and turn it into a point of evidence against your case. Therefore, it may be wise to hire an insurance attorney if your insurance provider is not working fairly with you, hasn’t in the past, or you want the surety that comes with having a professional represent you.

They Are Intentionally Evasive

If your case is particularly solid, meaning you have all the necessary evidence and your claim looks to match the insurance policy parameters accurately, they may simply attempt to evade all your efforts until you give up or give in to their lowball offers. This is why Tavss Fletcher recommends resisting the temptation to give in to quick settlements! These are almost never worth the amount that your claim is actually valued at. Taking this quick money may relieve them of responsibility in the future when you continue to need financial help. Be persistent enough to make sure that you are getting everything you actually deserve from your insurance claim.


Accidents and injuries are hard enough to deal with. Don’t let frustrating insurance companies keep you from the protection and security that you have paid for! Research well, hire help if necessary, and be persistent in getting the help you deserve.

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