3 Biggest Ways the Death of a Loved One Affects the Family

Unfortunately, death and loss is something that touches everyone. When it comes to a loved one passing away, the family will be profoundly affected. Understanding how a death of a loved one affects a family can help you to assist them during this difficult time in their lives. Here are just a few of the ways someone might be affected.


People experience a variety of emotions while facing the death of a loved one. According to Crossroads Hospice, anger stands out as a common emotion. While people know about grief, depression, and sadness, anger is one that doesn’t get discussed often. It does make sense because people are upset about losing a loved one. People want to express the emotions they’re going through, but many people will keep it bottled up. It’s important for family members to talk and to discuss the emotions that they feel. It will help them cope with the loss and process their feelings in a healthy way.


When someone passes away, the family and others will need to cover funeral expenses. This then brings up the question of who will pay for it. When a loved one passes due to the misconduct or actions of another person, it can very quickly turn into a need to blame them. According to the Law Offices of Gary K. Walch, wrongful death claims are intended to help bring back at least some of the financial burden of horrible incidents. Finances are a very real concern but don’t allow those expenses to affect your relationships with others. After all, pointing fingers and throwing blame will not bring that loved one back. This is why it’s important to avoid arguing.


According to Good Therapy, both social and mental health decrease when someone has lost another person. This makes sense because the family member probably thinks about that person constantly. This can lead to the uprising of mental illnesses that people didn’t know that they had. These life-changing events could bring up depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. If they do arise, then it’s important to express these concerns and feelings to others. If you notice that someone you care about acts differently, talk to them yourself. This could help save someone from sinking deeper into grief.

Death will always be a hard subject to face and address. Keep in mind that those affected will face a variety of emotions. However, by keeping their needs in mind and practicing empathy, you can help them through this difficult time.

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