How to Get Better Rates on Your Car Insurance

Car ownership can be pricey. Not only do you have to worry about maintaining your car and paying it off over time, but you also should be paying for insurance just in case a severe accident leaves your car a wreck. How can you make your car insurance journey less irritating? What should you be doing to reduce your rates?

Compare Rates and Shop Around

First, you shouldn’t just take the first offer that you see. You need to ensure that you are getting the best coverage at a price you can afford to spend. Look at different insurance companies to see what their standards are. Some offer better rates while others may attempt to get you to pay more for slightly better coverage.


Treat insurance like any other purchase. After you’ve weighed your options, you can then make the choice you think is the most worthwhile. If you aren’t happy with the company, you can switch it up after the first year without a worry in your mind.

Avoid Reckless Driving Behaviors

Insurance companies have to hedge their bets and consider every possible factor when deciding what to offer you. Drivers who have avoided tickets and crashes will end up having higher monthly payments than somebody who hasn’t posed a risk. For this reason, you should strive for a great driving record, and don’t make obviously dumb mistakes.


For instance, you should absolutely never drive under the influence. Many states don’t take DUI lightly and prosecute offenders aggressively. If you aren’t put in jail your insurance payments will skyrocket. Avoiding risky behavior like drinking and smoking can help you lower your payments as well.

Negotiate When Possible

These aren’t your only two options, however. One of the most effective ways you can reduce your monthly costs is by learning to negotiate. Some insurance companies can see your current circumstances and may adjust your payment in a special case. Maybe it’s been long enough since your last incident that you feel you can talk yourself out of higher rates.


While not having problems in the first place is the best way to have low payments, talking your way out of them is possible. Be assertive and respectful. Insurance companies will be more willing to work with you that way.


At the end of it all, your car insurance can go lower. It may take time and effort, but with a little patience you’ll be able to spend the money you saved on something you actually want.


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