Non-Criminal Reasons Why You Might Need to Go to Court

The court is an uncomfortable but necessary part of society that everybody will need to go through at least once in life. There are many reasons outside of crime that you might end up needing to go. Here are a few of the most common.


Divorce can be messy. At best, you and your ex-partner mutually end things on good terms, and you may not need court at all. However, if any children or valuable assets are involved, you should assume there will probably be litigation involved. And if you enter into a marriage, you statistically have a fifty percent likelihood of it occurring. 

There are certain steps you can take to avoid the absolute worst-case scenario, of course – filling out a prenup agreement before legally getting married, going to a couple’s counseling, etc. Lawyers may be necessary, although many divorce lawyers offer especially cheap divorce rates.

Settle Inheritance Disputes

If a loved one dies and leaves behind some controversial inheritance choices, it’s possible that you could end up in court over it. Using a lawyer and forming a last will and testament or a trust can legally protect assets from probate court – but only to an extent. 

You might also have others outside the deceased’s immediate circle trying to interfere, such as in the case of debt collectors or the government. Even if they simply did not legalize any of their wishes – it could all end up in probate court. A probate court can settle questions over the ownership of property, but there’s no guarantee that items will be passed on as originally intended.

Personal Litigation

Everyone has the potential to be sued. This is especially true for individuals who, for example, are business owners and are insured against litigation. People who look for opportunities for easy payouts might manufacture their own accidents on commercial property for that exact reason. 

Regardless, you can still be sued for accidents and be held liable. If your dog bites a stranger, if your neighbor scrapes themselves on a wayward rusty nail in the fence, or if someone slips on a spot on your driveway, you could be sued. Try to use common sense and be careful about avoiding all such possibilities. The court isn’t fun. It also usually isn’t cheap – especially if lawyers are involved. So, it’s best if you prepare now for the possibility. 

You need to have the finances and the knowledge to make it out the other side; it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to civil court.

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