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Why Fish is a Great Alternative to Other Meats

Most people agree that meat tastes good. That is why people continue to eat meat all over the world. As a source of protein, there are few foods that can pack quite as much protein per calories as meat. But there are plenty of problems with meat: it can be very high in fat and there are environmental issues to be concerned about as well. A great alternative for meat is to eat fish instead. Here are three reasons why fish is a great alternative to other meats.

More Nutritious

The first reason why you should choose fish as a meat alternative is that fish is way more nutritious than most meats. Fish tends to be lower in fat than many cuts of meat, while still packing in as much protein, and sometimes even more than you would find in meat. Not to mention that the fat found in fish tends to be omega-3s, which are some of the most important and healthiest types of fat for your body that you can find in any food. If you are looking for meat alternatives, there are few as nutritious as fish.

Easier to Eat

Fish tends to be easier to eat than meat as well. Some meat options can be very tough and difficult to chew, making life difficult for people suffering from dental health issues or braces. Tough proteins can be harder on teeth when you have braces. Fish however tends to be very flaky and light, making it easy to chew, regardless of whether you have braces. If you have difficulty chewing tough proteins, then you should consider eating more fish instead.

Wide Variety

While there is some variety in the meat world, there are only three major options, beef, pork, and chicken. But with fish, there are dozens of different options. From salmon to Mahi Mahi, swordfish to tuna, crab to shrimp and everything in between, there are seafood options that range in textures, size, flavor, and color that offer tons of options for food choices. If you are looking to find ways to diversify your diet and include more variety in your meal choices, then choosing fish as an alternative to meat is a great choice.

Meat may not be disappearing anytime soon, but it’s time to follow the trend and find better meat alternatives. One of the best alternatives is fish. Listen to these three reasons that fish is a great alternative to meat and go get yourself some fish for dinner.

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