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60 Amazing Retro Photos That You Won’t Find In History Books

Carrie Fisher on the set of ‘Under the Rainbow’, 1981.

Here’s Carrie Fisher on the set of Under the Rainbow, in which she played Annie Clark. The 1981 American comedy film also stars Chevy Chase, Eve Arden, and Billy Barty. The film is full of random shenanigans involving assassins, spies, nobility, and tourist. The main plot is loosely based on a group of little people who have all come to a Hollywood hotel, to audition for roles as Munchkins in the movie The Wizard of Oz. They actually got one of the original members of the lollipop guild in The Wizard of Oz, Jerry Maren, to play the small role of Smokey in this film.

In it, “A visiting dignitary, a CIA agent, a Nazi spy, Japanese tourists, an assassin and a group of “midget” actors from The Wizard of Oz(1939) all check into an elite Los Angeles hotel called Under the Rainbow.”