How Churches Can Better Engage the Younger Generation

One of the biggest challenges that the church faces today is how to capture the attention of the younger generation. As more people move away from organized religion, church leaders need to make a commitment to engage millennials and other younger people. Here are three ways that churches can work to better engage the younger generation:

Be Real

Young people value authenticity. Because of this, it is vital that you relate to them on their level. Today’s newest generations can sniff out a fake persona. They want to connect with people who are real. Do not risk these invaluable relationships by not being genuine with your intentions and approach. By creating purposeful connection opportunities, you will better reach the younger people in your church. Once they establish this connection and feel good about the authenticity of the church, they will continue to return to your place of worship.

Embrace Technology

There is no denying that technology has changed the way that we communicate. In order to effectively reach the younger set, church leaders need to make themselves accessible and relatable through modern means of communication. Mass text messaging is useful to churches who need frequent communication with their congregation. Your church should also have an active social media site. Having a presence on both Facebook and Instagram will give your congregants and prospective members something to follow for more information and to increase engagement. Younger people can feel like it is easy to connect to their church through a variety of communication methods that work for their lives.

Make It Convenient

When it comes to reaching the younger generation of church-goers, do not ever underestimate the value of making it convenient for them. Especially for the younger set, a Sunday morning church service may not be ideal. Having to wake up early on the weekend to go to church may seem like a real drag to younger people. Offering a Sunday evening or Saturday late afternoon church service time may entice those who want to be a part of a church community but want to keep their Sunday mornings free. Or consider taking your church to them. Initiating groups at schools is a great way to reach students or those who may not have the resources or inclination to come to you. 

While it may be challenging to reach this generation of people, the effort will be well worth it. Investing in the younger generation will help you to continue to grow your church family and reach people from a variety of backgrounds.

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