How Young Couples Can Keep Costs Down on Renovations

Younger or first-time homebuyers understandably may not have the luxury of being very picky when selecting a new home to purchase. In many cases, younger buyers must settle on a home that is not quite right or that may have outdated décor simply to find an affordable property that’s within their budget. While renovating the home may sound like an easy enough prospect, it actually can be very time-consuming and expensive. By adopting the right home renovation strategy, you may be able to complete the desired work at a fraction of the cost.

Put Limits on Your Debt

It makes sense that you may want to see fast results for your home renovation project. This may be related to a strong desire to live in a beautiful home, but it also may be because the house is not currently as functional as you need it to be. Taking out a loan can be a great idea because it can enable you to begin the renovation soon. However, the cost of financing can add thousands of dollars or more to the total cost of the project.

Putting limits on the amount of debt you’re willing to go into is smart. It enables you to get going on your renovation, but only within reason. To avoid taking on too much debt debt, you may save a large portion of the entire sum to complete a full renovation at once, or you may complete the project in small stages as funds become available and loans become more reasonable. You can even plan within a specific range of interest rates, or you can make your costs more flexible by refinancing your home and adjusting your mortgage.

Prepare Your Budget

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Before you begin any work, it is imperative that you have a design plan for the space. Understand the full scope of the project, and select the materials that you intend to use. Request quotes from contractors as well. By taking this step, you may be able to prioritize projects so that you can complete the most critical tasks with the funds that you have available. This step may also enable you to scale back on luxurious materials or other expensive aspects of the property. Make sure to account for some unexpected costs, like hidden damage beneath walls, and the expected storage unit to prevent damaging your belongings during the construction.

Do Some of the Work Yourself

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A great way to save money on a home renovation is to do some of the work yourself. You should not tackle projects that you are not comfortable with or that you are not properly trained to complete. In addition, licensed contractors should finish work on the plumbing and electrical systems. Nonetheless, there may be several aspects of the project that you are comfortable doing on your own. For example, painting can be something you can do yourself with little trouble. Just be sure to grab the correct paint and materials before you start to work, as certain rooms will need special types of paint or more preparation measures, like the garage.

Choose Materials Carefully

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In addition to looking for financial savings available on labor expenses, you may also be able to reduce your materials expense. When you spend time and money renovating a home, you understandably want to love the finished project. Many highly-coveted materials cost a fortune, and they may easily be substituted with lesser-quality materials that look almost exactly the same. In fact, most people who spend time in your home may be hard-pressed to tell that they are not the high-quality materials that you prefer to have in your home. For example, concrete can be stained and scored by a professional to look like wood, marble or other materials. Concrete is affordable, and it may be easier to maintain as an added benefit. Keep in mind that this is only one of many alternative materials that you may consider using in your renovation project.

Completing your renovation project as soon as possible may be a primary goal, but you also need to save money at all stages. If you approach the renovation project with patience and employee some of these thoughtful tips, you may be able to renovate your home with beautiful results and at a fraction of the cost.