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Why Are Toyotas Considered Such Reliable Cars?

Toyota has maintained its reputation as making one of the most reliable cars on the road for decades. It is no fluke that Toyotas happen to be so reliable. Rather, the durability of Toyota vehicles is due to a systematic engineering process and design philosophy that allows them to maintain resilience where other brands fail.

The Toyota Process

Different vehicle manufacturers choose to emphasize different aspects of their vehicles. For example, many Italian vehicles are engineered to deliver peak performance at the expense of value and reliability. In contrast, Toyota has a long history of producing vehicles that emphasize conservative design and overbuilt engineering to ensure peak reliability for its customers. This is not to say that Toyota vehicles lack performance or fall short in other aspects. On the contrary, according to McKinsey & Company, the dedication to solid engineering has allowed Toyota to saturate the market with cars, trucks and SUV’s that are class-leading in essentially every regard.

The Models

The Toyota lineup is vast and varied. However, whereas many manufacturers have decided to focus solely on crossovers or SUVs, Toyota has maintained focus on those and the sedan market as well. Further, Toyota engineers vehicles so that the vehicle is rarely mechanically stressed during normal operation. This “low load” approach to mechanical engineering means that each part experiences less wear, and as a result, all systems will last longer overall. There are few greater tests for a car than serving as a rental vehicle. Thus, rental companies such as Budget offer a fantastic perspective on vehicle reliability. According to Budget, full-sized sedans are considered some of the most dependable and sturdy vehicles. One of the most popular models of these is the Toyota Camry.

Worldwide Designs

Some manufacturers design a separate set of vehicle models for each unique market. While Toyota makes various modifications to its vehicles to best suit the needs of certain markets, most Toyota models are available worldwide in roughly the same capacity. This broad application allows Toyota to invest more money in the initial engineering and development process, further strengthening the reliability of the brand.

If reliability is a priority you look for in a vehicle, there are no better choices than Toyotas. Toyota combines robust engineering, extensive testing, and innovative design to create a package that will withstand any test. The automotive world is a competitive place, and there is a reason Toyota leads.

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