Teacher Appreciation: How to Show Admiration for All the Hard Work Teachers Do

Teachers are a fundamental part of our society. They shape and mold the futures of our children, making sure they have all the tools they need to succeed in life, and they often do it with little pay or appreciation. However, there are many ways we can show our gratitude to these teachers and thank them for their hard work and dedication to their jobs. Here are a few suggestions to help get you started.

Make Goody Bags

Giving a goody bag full of surprises is a fantastic way to show you’re thinking of teachers throughout the year. Many schools will have teachers answer short surveys at the beginning of the year with questions about their favorite candy, drinks, restaurants and the like. Feel free to customize these goody bags based on their preferences. Or, make bags that hold a variety of things that any teacher would like.

Stock Up Their Classroom

Although many parents donate communal supplies, like tissues and hand sanitizer, at the beginning of the year, many of these items are used up quickly, leaving teachers in a bind after a few months. They can go without these crucial materials at the expense of their students, or they can spend their hard-earned paycheck to restock their classrooms on their own. By asking a teacher what supplies they’re running low on and making an effort to purchase what they need, you’re sending a message to the teacher that they have your support and appreciation. Teachers want the best for their students, so having a well-stocked classroom means the world to them.

Have a Recognition Assembly

We go out of our way to recognize our students for their accomplishments throughout the year, and we should do the same for our teachers! Many teachers inspire their students and help keep them interested and engaged in learning throughout the year. They put in long hours, grading homework and tests at home. A school assembly where teachers are awarded plaques or certificates can go a long way toward providing a sense of pride in their work that goes beyond the success of their students. Awards such as “Best Classroom Decorations” and “Above and Beyond” show recognition in both a fun and inspirational way.

Have a Party

Throwing a teacher-appreciation party is a great way to acknowledge teachers for the great work they do throughout the school year. Hawaiian, holiday, and casino-themed parties reward employees for their hard work and are very popular and fun party ideas. Ice cream socials and barbecues are also a fun idea for warmer months when everyone loves to be outside. By firing up a fun and lively playlist, setting out some snacks, and hanging decorations, you can turn your school into party central and help teachers have a blast.

Cater a Meal

Bringing in food for a teacher-appreciation day or week is a great way to foster employee morale and show your gratitude. Perhaps it’s a breakfast with donuts, fruit and coffee to get their day started right or a lunchtime buffet with soup, salad, and sandwiches. Giving teachers a small break during the day to relax and recharge helps to ensure that they will return to their classrooms ready to face the next challenge.

Teachers serve crucial roles in our society, and they deserve all of the recognition that we can give them. By implementing just a few of these ideas into a fun-filled appreciation week, you’ll show all the teachers in your life just how important they are to you and their students.

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