4 Ways People Sell Their Homes Quickly

When you decide to put your home on the market, you’ll want it to sell it as quickly as possible. Homes that are available for more than a few days generally end up selling for less because buyers begin to think that something is wrong with them. What can you do to expedite the process of your home sale?

List the Home at Below Market Value

Peter Miller explains, “listing a home for less than market value may encourage multiple buyers to put in an offer on the property.” This competition could mean that you actually end up receiving more than your initial asking price and complete a sale in a shorter time. Your Realtor can help you determine what an ideal listing price would be.

Set Up a Short Sale

A short sale can be ideal because a buyer is typically getting a property for less than market value. However, as Know Your Options explains, “the bank may take longer to approve the transaction because it wants to minimize any loss that it takes on the transaction. Therefore, it may be best to coordinate with the bank in advance to determine what the institution would require to allow a sale to close.”

Look to People Who Flip Houses

There are many people who make it their career to sell homes, so what better place to look for information? Tarek and Christina explains, “people who flip homes will be looking to buy homes quickly, without hassle or stress.” If you’re looking sell fast, it’ll be worth the effort to at least check their offer out. You can always ask around to see if you know any friends of friends who do this. Having a connection to a flipper can be ideal because you know that this person is serious and capable of completing the transaction.

Stage the Home Well

Homes that are staged properly help buyers visualize how they would use the space if they were to buy the property. Good staging tips include adding furniture, taking down family pictures and getting as much light into each room as possible. Furthermore, make sure that the exterior of the home has been properly maintained. This means mowing the grass, cutting down dead trees and painting the garage and front door.

Selling a home as fast as possible will help you avoid having to deal with two different properties at once. One home is a lot to manage. Making house payments on two residences can be quite a burden, especially while also spending money on taxes, upkeep and repairs for both. A real estate agent should be happy to assist because it’s also in the agency’s best interests to turn the property quickly.

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