Driving Habits that Are Actually Really Bad

Every driver is guilty of driving recklessly at some point in their life. But it is the habits that they develop that put them at risk for a major car crash or legal consequence. We’re not just talking about texting, driving habits that get the best of us include eating, rubber-necking, and making more than one lane change. 


Most drivers are guilty of eating and drinking while driving. Whether you are trying to get a quick bite to eat before your next appointment, or fueling your body on a long road trip, eating while driving endangers everyone around you. And as Audi Marietta points out, eating requires at least one hand, the use of your eyes, and a significant portion of your concentration. With each of these factors, it is easy to get distracted and miss what is happening around you. Your focus on the road is the most important thing you can have to avoid dangerous driving habits. 


Rubber-necking while driving is when a driver slows suddenly to look at a scene outside their car. This often occurs when passing the site of an accident or to observe some type of distraction. Rubber-necking is especially dangerous because it can cause an accident, particularly a rear-end collision. As Ahlander Injury Law points out, it’s common to want to know what is going on, but this is simply an extra distraction that could cost you. If you truly need to see what is happening, pull over to keep you and the other drivers safe. 

More Than One Lane Change 

Every driver has been in unfamiliar cities where directions and maps get confusing. Driver’s often get on auto pilot and neglect to keep track of which exit or turn they need to make. It is common to see drivers make more than one lane change at a time, however this is actually very dangerous. You won’t always see the cars in the other lane, and they won’t always see you. Other drivers could also react adversely to your sudden movements. Avoid speeding, quick lane changes, and realize that if you miss your exit, you can always take the next one. 

A driver that is fully invested in their surroundings is the safest driver you can have on the road. Accidents happen every day, but practicing safe driving helps protect you and those around you, minimizing fatalities. Avoid developing bad driving habits like eating, rubber-necking, and more than one lane change at a time.

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